Hilary Holmes

Welcome to Hilary Holmes Makeup

July 17, 2016

Hilary Holmes Makeup was born from a really organic place. Driven by my desire to step out of the comfort of 9-5 & follow my dreams. Once I committed there was no turning back & I never questioned that it wasn’t my path. I swore to fulfil my hearts desires whatever it takes! This past year has been beyond busy for the business, using my love for makeup to connect with incredible women & empower them to see their own beauty. Reminding them that they were always beautiful- evenĀ in the times they doubted it. And now that Hilary Holmes Makeup-...


July 5, 2016

With social media playing such a huge part of our visual world, we can access the work of so many creatives. Painters, poets, printers, makeup artists, hairstylists and so on.. And with this amazing accessibility we judge someone quickly on their skill and easily compare it to another. I find this area interesting. Of course its natural for us to compare and judge based on our own opinions but we must understand more than just whats in front of us. Ive been a makeup artist for close to 10 years and in that time my techniques have evolved, expanded and...