A message from Hilary : 8 month update!

April 8, 2018 7:29 am

I just can’t seem to fathom how quickly this pregnancy is flying and now I find myself at 8 months! There’s definitely not enough time in the day to fit everything that I would like to get done. Im sure you feel the same, the older we get the days seem to get faster and faster and I’ve heard it only gets worse once a little beb comes into the picture…

With only a month left before I take myself off the floor at HHM I am working hard with the team to get everything in order and we have so much amazing planned- even when I’m on mat leave! Knowing me, I probably won’t have that much time off- its hard to keep me away from something I am so in love with but I am SO wonderfully lucky that I have a team that is so passionate and committed to bringing the HHM love to everyone and everything that the business produces.

By now you would have definitely have met most of the team and you would know what I mean.. and I know that for the couple of months I take to dive into caring for our little darling – the business is in safe hands.

There is so much amazing going on with HHM; focusing on the wonder that is our new website and online store, that has much to come also. I recommend keeping your eye on it and take advantage of what’s available and what’s to come (AH HELLO AFTERPAY YOU MAGICAL UNICORN!). With our passion in bringing relatable, inspirational and educational content to anyone who seeks it, we are working hard to constantly provide that to our beautiful clients in lots of different ways.

We have been shocked at the success of the Masterclasses. We know that we are producing a class that hits home for many women and we are so happy seeing you all loving it just as much! The feedback from attendees has been insane! For so long women have been winging it- and not with our eyeliner (that’s a lost cause that so many exasperated people feel about I know! Something we aim to change). How long have you been getting through life and staring at your face on the daily, completely stumped at what your eye & face shape is and how to best work your daily and event makeup into showcasing all the beauty you have to offer?

No one ever taught us! And so I wanted to create a class that, for the first time ever you know exactly what the go is with ya face and exactly how to create an eye look to show them peepers off; or how to contour naturally to hide those jiggly bits and finally explaining what the hell highlighting is and WHY we do it.

The WHY is a huge thing in our education. We don’t just show you cause we told you so, our Masterclasses teach you why we do certain techniques, so that when trends and techniques change- you can continue to kick ass with some killer skills that you have acquired in our class.

In an industry where makeup is so bloody overwhelming and intimidating for so many, I want HHM to change that. I want to put the power in our clients hands so that you can walk into any makeup shop- ours included- and get the right products that you need, instead of the ol buy all this expensive shizz and all it does is sit in your makeup bag collecting dust!

All the HHM team are here to support you and I hope you’re excited about what we have to come.. everything is designed to support you!

I’ll hit you up with one more blog before the baby comes and changes my life forever but until then, I truly hope you are happy and if things aren’t fab that you have the will power to be the change. If you ever need support, advice or a laugh.. come in salon or hit us up online, we are always here for you.

Big BIG love, Hilary xx

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