A Message from Hilary!

December 31, 2017 1:11 am

HOLY MOLY! Can you believe it..the end of 2017 is here!!

Like me, you may be completely floored about how we are celebrating the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018. I think in my mind its only March!

For me 2017 was a mixed year. After having a whopping year last year with my Gastric Sleeve surgery and opening HHM, this year I fought to find consistency and motivation when things got challenging. I haven’t been overly open about it to the general public as I feel dominated by it in my personal life that I didn’t want it to filter over to work also but health wise its been a super challenging year.

My weight loss surgery hasn’t been great. I mean, yes of course I have lost 50kg which is incredible! But to get it has brought with it some really horrible side affects. I vomit pretty much every day, due to this I have severe reflux and due to my overly restricted new stomach I also find drinking fluids incredibly hard.

This has put a huge strain on my digestive system and without going into too much detail Ive had to have a couple of surgeries to repair damage from severe constipation and will forever now have to live with it, which really affects me physically, mentally and emotionally. I like to think of myself as a mentally strong person but my health issues have taken its toll on me this year!

But thanks to the weight loss it opened up the option of babies for me and one of my 2017 goals was to fall pregnant. This too came with some challenges, given I have PCOS. I found out I wasnt ovulating and in turn had to start the easier stages of fertility treatment involving blood tests, lots of ultrasounds and Chlomid; a drug that stimulates ovulation.

And boy were we and the doctors over joyed and amazed that we were successful the first round! Watching my body changed and grow has been insane. It really is a beautiful thing to go through. I have been focusing on this positive note as the pregnancy has also brought with it Hyperemesis, severe vomiting and morning sickness. It seems that my weight loss surgery is compounding the morning sickness and together they are giving me a whooping. Ive lost 9kg since falling pregnant and sadly have lost so much of the muscles I so proudly put on post weight loss!

BUT I don’t come on here to whinge and moan about all my woes. I wanted to voice these challenges I have faced as a way of realising my strength and knowing that if I can get through the strain of all of it I know I can do anything.

For me, 2018 is about shifting my mental focus. My focus is to flip my mental stress and manifest a beautifully healthy and glowing pregnancy and even in times where it might not be the case, for me to focus on the positives of it all! How lucky am I to be pregnant and to feel my lil beb kick to say hello.

I want to focus my positivity and manifestation on the wonder of HHM. How incredibly successful was 2017, meeting so many wonderful women who came to empower themselves and see the beauty we see! There is so much to be grateful for- my team, my clients, the opportunities and the connections. We expanded our team by more than double, added some amazing new makeup lines to our line up, launched our online store and most importantly walked away from the one on one times with our clients remembering that- this was the soul reason for why we do what we do at HHM.. to create wonderful relationships with our clients and to really get to know them so we can bring out their authentic selves and allow that to shine!

2018 I am ready to move out of my excuses of being too busy to not do the things I want to do, to not understand something but instead to learn and make my weaknesses my strengths and to stop sitting in overwhelm. So much of what I ask for has come true and now I have to absorb the power of it all and calmly work hard to create consistency and stability.

I hope that you too step back and see just how incredible you are. That you see that even in the hardest moments, in the biggest challenges of your lives and in the parts you think will tear you down- these are the moments that create the woman you are meant to be! So rather than beat yourself up and tear yourself down, stand strong and free. You really are capable of anything you want and anytime you forget that and think its too much, remember I am always here to remind you

I wish you a safe and love filled ending to 2017 and hope you bring in 2018 with some time to set your goals and intentions for what the next year will bring. This has been an incredibly successful exercise for me and I’m sure it will be for you too!

Huge love to you and a very Happy New Year from me and the HHM girls- Danni, Bri, Kate, Maddy, Lis, Anni, Dale & Buckley xx

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