February 10, 2018 5:13 am

As unique as your finger print, your skin tone defines you with your own shade- specific to you.

Whether it’s having the striking beauty of pale, alabaster skin; the flexibility and ease of having warm, beige tones; the exoticness of skin golden and tanned or the incredible buttery, smooth skin of rich mahogany skin- they all are beautiful, just as they are.

And with the first installation in our All The Nudes series we look to the palest of pales, working our way up to the warmest of honeys. Each skin tone supported with wonderfully matched foundation and a look, chosen just for her.

All of the Nudes, for All of You. Not one person unsupported or anyone left out, we at HHM want one thing..for you to realise how beautiful you truly are.

This campaign came together beautifully with the involvement of a wonderful team. Having worked heavily in the past with Tre & Elmaz the photographers we knew Tre’s incredibly skilled eye for seeing outside the box and capturing the models beautifully would work perfectly for us.

With Hilary on the tools, our gorgeous girl Anni on hair and a gaggle of models we had a fantastic day shooting in Brunswick. Hilary loves the campaign as our first instalment in this series, capturing 4 of the palest to more neutral skin tones because each girl has such a unique look, representative of a vibe and energy they, themselves radiated. Just like skin tone, we wanted the hair and makeup to reflect the uniqueness of each woman.

Photography: Tre & Elmaz
Makeup: Hilary Holmes
Hair: Anni Palmer
Claudia from Giant Management
Alana from Viviens
Tristyn from Viviens
Location: Studio Brunswick

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