Back Your Beauty: Spring Racing Inspiration

November 3, 2017 9:18 pm

We are well and truely in to the Spring Racing Carnival 2017. With some of the biggest race days still ahead, we thought we would share with you the most important beauty hints for the day. The biggest aim is to feel AMAZING by looking fresh & feeling polished from AM to PM.

To break things down, Hilary has shared with us the top 3 make up trends for the Spring Racing Carnival & the ‘do’s & dont’s’ for the day. We hope they help you feel & look amazing all day long. xx

Top 3 make up trends for Spring Racing 2017:

1. Colour!
2. Natural, healthy skin
3. Washes of colour

The 5 DO’s for Spring Racing:

1. Wear a bold lip
2. Lashes – they will help you feel fresh all day
3. Take a lip and powder in your handbag to touch up
4. Be yourself!
5. Don’t try so hard, restraint can be an alluring quality with makeup

The 5 make up DONT’S for Spring Racing:

1. Black smokey eyes- not great when squinting all day!
2. Don’t wear a look that you can’t maintain. If you don’t like touching up lips or have a few boys to smooch, don’t wear a bold lip!
3. Don’t be afraid to try something new. So many girls go with what they are used to but spring carnival is all about creativity and boldness… Step outside the box!
4. Don’t forget to create a makeup look that compliments your outfit. ie if you’re wearing navy- try a red lip! Or if you have gold accessories, do a bronzed look.
5. Don’t be that friend that doesn’t tell her friend or a woman in front of her that she has lipstick on her teeth! Its our secret language as women to discreetly point out to her that she may need to sort it out 😉 The woman will be forever grateful it was you and not some guy 5 hours later she has been chatting up.

PS. Don’t forget to be you & #backyourbeauty

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