April 2, 2017 7:16 am

Think of a time you felt most beautiful…

Maybe it was when you had just finished a yoga class and caught a glimpse of yourself in the mirror post session and could see a faint outline of a muscle; it could have been when you felt like shit but your husband looked over at you and told you he loves you “without all that gunk on your face” or maybe its when you put on your fav dress, did your hair and chucked on that new lippy.

Whenever it was… what was it in that moment you felt that way?

We can pretty much guess that one of those reasons was because you backed yourself. Or your husband did. Or your yoga teacher.

From the many years working with women to support them for an event or their wedding it has become harder and harder to listen to them reject a compliment or put themselves down, sometimes without them even realising!

In today’s society women feel compared. We aren’t as pretty as that girl on Instagram because our skin isn’t as nice as hers or wishing we could have an oversees adventure like that friend. We constantly are in a state on not being happy, as we don’t focus on what we have and the beauty staring back at us in the mirror every day.

At HHM we are about supporting you to see you. Not Miss Australia 2017 with her long legs. We’re talking about that woman who hasn’t shaved her legs in 3 weeks, plucked her eyebrows in a month cos her brow girl is on holiday or the woman who had 2 minutes to do her makeup in the car before starting work.

It’s this woman that’s the real woman. This is real life.

And it’s about time you backed her.

Our #backyourbeauty message is here to remind you, that in whatever state you can back yourself! Only have 30 minutes a day spare.. then back yourself and go for a walk. Only have 2 minutes before work to do your makeup? Then back yourself and chuck on that new lippy and some mascara.

In whatever capacity you can, no excuses- you have the ability to back yourself. And the reason why is because you will always wake up with that woman and she deserves to know the truth- that she’s incredible & that she’s worthy of knowing it. And when she can’t remember, we’ll remind her!

This entire #backyourbeauty message is to say that in whatever capacity you can give, that you are enough. We are looking forward to you helping us with sharing a pic of you doing something to back yourself, with the hashtag #backyourbeauty and we are really excited to bring some awesome stuff to our business that supports this too!

It’s time for change and its time for you to be that change!

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