Bronte// Real: Sassy

July 17, 2017 12:24 am

I met this wonderful girl years ago as a client and she has been one ever since. I always love being sucked into the hurricane that is Bronte! Vivacious, absurdly funny and a woman that wears her heart on her sleeve, she is always someone who I’ve had a lot of makeup fun with as she always loves a full glam and trusts me to do what works for her.

Bronte shows us the awesomeness of a pure heart, adventurous soul & wild spirit but most importantly, when you’re happy beauty naturally radiates!

Name: Bronte

Age: 25

What makes you feel beautiful? (doesn’t have to be makeup!)

A good outfit & glam and laughter! Everyone looks beautiful when they’re enjoying themselves!

How do you back your own beauty? Eg. Exercise, water, meditation, works on self confidence…

Working out and looking after myself but also indulging at times and enjoying myself.

What’s one product in your makeup bag you cant live without?


Why do use makeup?

It makes me feel good and it’s fun playing around with different looks and enhancing features.

If you have one piece advice to other women on how they can back their beauty what would it be?

Look after yourself, never be too harsh on yourself and never compare yourselves to others!

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