February 10, 2018 5:41 am

I am of the opinion that you do what you want and if it makes you happy and doesn’t hurt anyone else then go for it.

Unfortunately I contradict myself in saying this when it comes to young girls making huge decisions on changing their already perfect face shapes to enhance their lips based on social media trends.

Too often I see girls with beautiful lips, with a gorgeous natural shape destroying their nautral beauty not because it makes them happier but because society tells them their lips aren’t big enough and her natural self isn’t good enough. If only she knew just how wrong and misleading these lies are. Man I love girls with smaller lips. Not because they are small but because they are youthful! They are smooth and they are hers. Beauty doesn’t lie in being like everyone else, true beauty lies in the small unique differences we all have. If we looked like everyone else, what makes us special?

So, like I have been telling so many in our Back to Basic’s Masterclass.. you can easily get those full lips without the filler! Let me show you below in an easy step by step.


If the skin around your lips is a bit red or the colour of your lips is fighting with the lip colour, lightly run some concealer all over to neutralise the tones.


Using a silky lipliner for an easy application (current favs are Model Rocks new Lip Shapers, this shade is in Melrose is available in salon and online for only $15!) start on the inside underline of your upper outer lip. So meaning, start the on the skin that starts on the inside of your lip, not on the outside area of your face. By starting inside the mouth and working the line up and over the lip it will make your mouth pouter!

If you were to draw on the outside top section of your lip line on the upper lip you can see that it flattens the lip and draws attention outwards, making your lip thinner.


Start lining the bottom lip, but do it with your lip stretched to ensure the line is smooth and for a MUCH easier and faster application.


Using the lip liner, ALWAYS fill in the entire lip.


Using whatever desired lip colour you like, simply apply! I have used Parisienne Matte Liquid Lip by Velvet Concepts (available in store and in salon) to give hold and longevity. This type of product is good for a lazy applier or someone scared of colour going on their teeth.


If like me you aren’t really into the matte look but still want the hold, just layer a gloss ontop! You can see here by applying Butter London’s gloss in Darling it instantly gives the lip a sexier and more luscious look!

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