February 10, 2018 9:55 pm

So many girls are coming to ask fed up. Fed up of spending money on products that aren’t working for them. And most of the time they are all skin base related products. Colour is easy, you choose what you like and it does the job.

Skin products like moisturisers, primers and foundations are what cause us to want to give up wearing makeup at all! And most of the time the reason that people get fed up is that they have been recommended the wrong product!

In Australia, especially at this time of year we are hot. Hot and sweaty and with our makeup moving all over the shop! Heres a big tip.. you can get that glowy, sexy summery skin without the issues of it making you look like you’ve dunked your head in a bowl of oil!

Its all about knowing the basic rules of makeup and choosing the right products to make it happen. Basic rule: When something is in liquid form, it will naturally move more. When its dry, it wont! So if you have slightly to really oily skin or suffer from sweaty skin then you need to set your foundation! Powder is so important!! If you don’t set it, expect it to run away. Our go to in salon is the Becca Multi-Tasking Powder as it is bloody handy to have in your handbag for touch ups as it removed excess moisture but also puts back pigment to top up and break downs.

If you want to add glow but not the oil then add artificial illuminators to your makeup routine. Add a liquid illuminator in with your matte foundation. Our fav combo is mixing Becca’s Ultimate Coverage foundation with their Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid. Then after setting, don’t use a cream highlighter- use a powder one.

By changing these little habits, just watch your makeup last all day and all night!

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