December 29, 2018 8:44 am

And just like that, 2018 is almost over! We chatted to some of our HHM girl gang and asked them what their highlight for 2018 was, and their favourite hair and makeup for the year….

“Finally finding a solid & loyal team that are equally as passionate about providing exceptional service and skill. And also (I’m the boss I can have 2! hehe) some of the incredible connections I met with really like minded, open & loving clients. I feel like the HHM message is really starting to get out there & that makes me so happy!!”

Hilary x

“Having a family in my HHM girls and a home away from home as well as my growth within the business teaching me so much about myself!”

Bri x

“Working with such an amazing team!”

Kelsey x

“2018 has made me focus on my meaningful connections with client and continuously honing and evolving my artistry!”

Maddy x

“Learning so many amazing skills, tips and tricks from all the HHM girls! Working with such a talented bunch has been very inspiring!”

Meg x

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