Hilary Holmes X Ruby Brownless

November 24, 2017 11:29 pm Ruby Brownless x Hilary Holmes Make up

Hilary & Ruby’s energy has always naturally aligned, so when the opportunity arose for Hilary Holmes to have Ruby represent the salon it was an opportunity that felt mutually exciting!

We are so excited to share with you our first shoot we did with Ruby as our HH Beauty ambassador. We were able to take some time out with Hil to ask her a few questions about working with Ruby, the inspiration behind the look & some hints on how to achieve it.

What was your inspiration behind this look on Ruby?
As this shoot was really about Ruby and HHM I wanted to do what I do with all my individual clients and that was to reflect her personality and style through it, rather than stamping any look on her. Ruby is fun, cheeky and always seems to have that endless summer tan so I chose a beautifully bronzed look, with highlights and a slight smokey eye.

Is there an event that this look is specifically suited to? Spring racing? Engagement? Glam look?
The great thing about this look and the reason why its our most requested is because it works for all events and occasions! We all feel so healthy and fresh when we are bronzed and it is a great look to balance most outfits, which is a crucial part of choosing a makeup look.

What is your favourite facial feature to work with on ruby?
To be honest Im not an artist that looks primarily for a physical feature to be the focus, I seek to bring out the best feature and thats a woman personality! By pulling that out and truely representing her, the makeup will naturally work so well with her physical features. I do really love that Ruby works really hard to have good skin.

Biggest tip for creating this kind of look?
Blending! Women want to know the difference between ‘punched in eye’ makeup and makeup that really makes you feel great.. and its blending! Take a clean brush if you need and run it all over to diffuse the harshness of lines and creases, it really makes a huge difference!

What were the products you used to create this look?
Becca skin perfectoe liquid in moonstone
Becca Backlight Primer
Becca Ultimate Coverage in Olive
Becca Aqua Luminous Concealer in Beige and Porcelain
Becca blurring powder
Becca Bronzer in Ipanema Sun
Becca blush in Wild Honey
Becca Skin Perfector pressed in Moonstone
Mac paint pot in Groundwork
Becca Ombré Rouge Palette
Crown Brush Rose Gold Palette
Mac Pencil in Coffee
Pixi mascara
Pixi Fixing spray
Lipstick ‘Tea with the Queen’ by Butter

Are there any secrets to getting the perfect glow? As seen on ruby in the tutorial!
For those with oily skin, you can still prep the skin to control oil but it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the glow! Simply add it artificially to your moisturiser or foundation. My fav product is Becca’s Skin Perfecting Liquid. For those with normal to dry skin, add it as above and through using a powder highlight on the skin but its knowing the importance of restraint!

Remember- we add highlight to mimic how sunlight bounces off healthy, fresh skin.

If you remember this will means you’ll start to perfect the art of it, rather than just throw it down because you think thats what you do. At HHM we are about educating our clients about why we do what we do, not just because we are told to.

Head to our Instagram to watch the full video! xx

Ruby Brownless X Hilary Holmes makeupRuby Brownless X Hilary Holmes makeup

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