April 22, 2018 6:49 am

So much gets taught in masterclasses but I will continue to give you little sneaks into our content because there is just so much to learn about makeup!

I like to teach makeup techniques in easy and relatable ways and with blush I tend to always come back to the question I get my clients to answer when we start a makeup application..”How do you want to feel?” You might want to feel pretty, or sexy or natural.. however you want to feel this type of idea will help answer how you would apply your blush. If you are wearing a pretty floral dress with soft pinks through it, the way you apply your blush would be different to the way you would apply if you wanted to go bronzed and sexy.

For a pretty application the best colours to choose would be soft peaches and pinks. Something floral, that would pull through the tones of the outfit. Our favs in salon to use are Flowerchild or Tigerlily by our favs Becca. The application would focus more on putting a flush back into the cheek. Start with a nice fluffy blush brush (the 168 by MAC is my ultimate fav) and put a small amount of blush on the brush. Start of slow- its easier to build than it is to remove! Smile and hit the top section of the apple of your cheek and lightly sweep up to the top of your ear. The focus is putting most of the product of your apple, not higher but we want you to get into the habit of blending. Would hate for you to look like a doll!

Sadly over the years the use of blush has been forgotten about and not prioritised but essentially when we use foundation we knock out any of that natural flush that our cheeks have, meaning we lose that healthy colour and cheek definition. Its that flush that gives our cheeks a fuller appearance and a softer finish to our skin.

So for all you ladies, like me, that love a sexy look to your blush, listen up! The tones most likely that work best for this are with more of a deeper ginger colour. Literally my usual go to for this look, 99% of the time is Wild Honey by Becca. These tones are normally at the basis of your bronzed makeup look and so matching your blush to the rest of the makeup is super important. You don’t want a pink blush, with orangey bronzed eye shadow.

With the “sexy” blush technique you want to be essentially focusing most of the blush on the higher part of the cheekbone and sweeping up to the top of the ear. This pulls your face shape out and gives a more sexy finish to the makeup. Very lightly start at the apple but put more product down when the cheekbone hardens at the top. What you want to be doing is layering the sexy blush on top of your bronzer, which has been placed in the hollow underneath your cheekbone. Think of the layers like a cake.. they sit on top of each other, blending together but still distinct layers.

These two looks can be finished with a light application of highlighter on top or for more of a matte look- keep it as is!

Please give us a call or email if you want this further explained, or if you want to try these products on! The entire Becca range is available online and in salon.

Happy blushin ladies 😉 xx

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