June 17, 2018 4:17 pm

Ahh this is a very interesting topic for me and one I’m so happy to blog about. So many women hesitate when it comes to adding powder to their makeup regime and are scared to use powders. Why? Because in the past they may used the wrong ones that make them feel they don’t work on their skin.

As always, women want their makeup to be magic! They want their base to look luminous, fresh and glowy all day long but they also feel they can do it without using powder. I’m gonna be real with you.. we are real women, in real life situations. You are working women slogging it in all types of conditions, you’re mums running around doing ALL the things and you’re women heading out for drinks and having a dance with ya gals.

And in these real life situations you have to handle it as such. We aren’t sitting behind studio lighting and Instagram filters. In order for your makeup to last, a powder has to be in that equation. But this is where I’m here to tell you, it doesn’t have to be in that baked, heavy, cakey kinda way. Yes it may feel more matte and fuller at the start of your application but within 30 minutes your skin will warm up the product and give you the skin you want, for as long as you want.

Think about it, when you wear a tinted moisturiser or a foundation, that product on your skin it sits in its original form- in liquid. And what happens when heat (body and/or environmental) is applied to a liquid? Yup, that’s right- its gets even runnier.

Powder has to be used to set your makeup when you first apply and it should be something you carry with you, when your start to get heat warming up your product throughout the rest of the day. All you need to know is which powder works best for you!

Like me, if you find product wears and tears around your nose and t-zone but you have issues with having a dehydrated/textured skin then you don’t want to be using a heavy powder.. it only makes you look worse!

My go-to product, and something I use everyday is Becca’s Blurring Powder in Golden Hour. Its super finely milled so it goes on really gently with a sheer veil on the skin.. but it also has a slight reflective quality to it so whilst setting & mattifying wet areas, it keeps the skin looking luminous. I use it on almost every single one of my brides, as I know it wont be heavy but still sets and creates luminosity!

For the women like so many of our clients who want a matte, smooth look to their skin but don’t want the cake the new Becca Hydra Mist is the new fave in salon. It has just hit our shelves and I’m super shocked at how bloody beautiful it is. It really smoothes out any textural issues and mattifies the skin, and because its transparent – works really fab for girls that fake tan and need something to work for all their varying skin tones.

And lastly a powder that works for the girls that have issues of break through on their foundation, whether that’s caused by having quite hot skin or liking a fuller coverage look and have issues with longevity. The best powder for you is something with pigment. This pigment will help keep the fullness of coverage and is great top up the skin with throughout the day if you have any breakthrough issues.

Becca’s Mutli-Tasking powder is super popular with our clients as it is sized to fit really easily into your handbag, it’s mineral based so still glides onto the skin but provides great coverage (can even be used as a light foundation for anyone who likes a powder foundation).

So I would love for you to remember to add a powder into your makeup routine. At 3pm or 3am, whenever you may be glancing at yourself in the mirror, you’ll thank me for getting you onto this! Remember, you don’t have to apply your powders with a heavy hand. Lightly pat onto the skin and use your fingers to touch feel whether you need to set more. If the skin still feels a bit wet in patches, simply pat on some more to set the look!

After powdering, simply give the skin a spritz with the Pixi Makeup Fixing spray to settle any powder sitting on the skins surface, to soften it all off and get great adhesion of the makeup.

If you want to get any personal advice or education for your skin then pop in to see us for a one on one complimentary powder hook up session! Otherwise all of these products are available online or in store!

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