LOUSIA// Real: Flirty

July 28, 2017 6:57 am

When we first met Louisa we knew she was what we seek to find in a young
woman. She knows that beauty lies in not how much makeup you wear but in
the quality and application of. So grounded and mature it’s lovely to see how
happy she is in her own skin!!

In an age where growing up is goddamn hard and with so much pressure to
look perfect, its refreshing to see she focuses on herself only! xx

Name: Louisa Cheatley
Occupation: Student Journalist
Age: 20

What makes you feel beautiful? (doesn’t have to be makeup!)

Spending time with people who love me for who I am. If I feel as though I
can be myself, I’m always happy and feel beautiful as a result! Laughing
also makes me feel beautiful.

How do you back your own beauty? Eg. Exercise, water, meditation,
works on self confidence…

I run most mornings before work/uni and always make sure I take my
makeup off before I go to sleep, no exceptions! It means I wake up
feeling fresh and I’ve given my skin some time to rest.

What’s one product in your makeup bag you cant live without?

Definitely mascara! I don’t normally wear heavy makeup, so most
mornings I’ll chuck on some mascara and it always makes me feel
instantly fresher and more confident!

Why do use makeup?

I normally only wear makeup when I’m going out for a special occasion,
or a lighter coat for work. When I do wear it, it’s to enhance my features
and feel more dressed up.

If you have one piece advice to other women on how they can back their
beauty what would it be?

Always remember that every woman looks different, and to never be
jealous of how another woman looks because everyone has their
insecurities. Also, always wash your makeup off before bed!

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