A wonderful collaboration with the beautiful girls of Maison Saine! Having used essential oils in salon since we first opened, they are a crucial part of the HHM experience so we are really excited to create our own blend of oils!

The 7 oils are based on the chakra system, each oil reflecting the essence of each chakra and helping balance any that may be out.

The 7 oils are all made with an incredibly high grade essential oil to ensure the smell is strong and pure, retaining the quality and longevity good oils are known for.

These 7 oils can be bought individually or in a pack and have the following scents in them:


This chakra is all about our base needs. Are they being met? If you have any imblanace in your life when it comes to finances, shelter, food & drink, being grounded or your safety this is a great oil to ground you back in and connect you to these core needs.

Oil is a blend of Patchouli for balance, Cedar wood for belonging & Myrrh for nurturing.


Your Sacral chakra is all about your creativity self expression, sexual harmony &
So if you are reacting quietly emotionally to things, have co-dependency issues and fears of deserving happiness or have a low libido then this oil is for you!

Oil is a blend of Cyprus for adaptability, Wild Orange for creative abundance & Cinnamon for sexual harmony


Your Solar Plexus chakra is your energy centre! This is where your confidence, willpower and self esteem comes from. If you are being particularly controlling, intolerant or competitive, are overeating and are tired then these are key signs that your Solar chakra is out of whack! This can lead on to affect you by having anxiety, being insecure and a lack of confidence.

This oil aids you to create balance with a oil blend of Juniper for courage and Bergamont for self worth & self esteem


Your love centre! This is your feminine energy and is full of love, femininity, softness & nurturing nature. You can open your heart to receive by using this oil which includes Rose for love, Ylang Ylang for playfulness and Wild Orange for abundance

This is your communication and expression chakra! When you are in balance you can talk authentically, truthfully and fluidly. When out of balance you have fear to communicate clearly in fear of being judged or ridiculed.

This clean, crisp oil includes Spearmint for speaking truth & confidence and Lavender for communication


Your Third Eye allows you to see clearly, without judgement and a filtered view. If you are having issues trusting yourself or listening to your intuition or if you feel a bit ‘glass half empty’ then this is a great oil to open you to receive and to reconnect you to yourself. Roll this on your wrists and breathe it in to let go of the past and your views on others and clear your vision!

This oil blend includes Clary sage for intuition, Patchouli for balance?


There ain't much to say about this chakra because it involves simply that- nothing. We all have a tendency to over think, over analyse and pick ourselves to pieces. Sometimes the best thing to do is be present and just be!!

This oil has a blend of Frankincense for spirituality, Lemon for clarity & focus and Rosemary for soothing your soul