PONI COSMETICS Brow Magic Pencil

Award Winning and Best Selling Brow Pencil!
Create natural looking brows quickly and easily. Brow Magic will always appear natural and is perfect for the absolute beginner through to the expert.


• Universal brow pencil, one colour suits all!
• One colour suits all
• Easy to use and forgiving
• Contains biotin— growth stimulator
• Firm and sharp for precision work and borders
• Creates the perfect natural brow

How to use:

- With light, upward strokes, focus on sparse areas, feathering the pencil strokes so they resemble natural hair. Use the PONi stencils to recreate your ideal shape.
- Use a spoolie and brush through your brow, from front to tail
- Finish with a brow gel or wax to keep your brows in place.