Zove Glow Slow Overnight Mask Refine & Brighten

A moment of self-care is amazing, but sometimes it has to literally be just a moment, or it’s not happening. This mask is made to feel like a luxurious six-step-ritual, but only takes five minutes of your time. It also gives the results of multiple products: strengthening, refining, brightening and hydrating, all while you sleep.

The "low and slow" skincare philosophy is at our core, with a focus on maintaining ongoing good skin health, rather than creating highs that have to bring lows (think overloading on retinol-intense regimes).

We’ve also worked with Australia’s leading chemists to only use non-comedogenic, clinically-backed actives to curate skincare regimes that do the most with the least. Which means no filler, no fluff, just better skincare.