February 14, 2018 8:00 am

The evolution of HHM started with the deepest desires of Hilary’s heart and has worked its way up to be the desires of many of the women the brand comes into contact with.

A brand that supports but doesn’t intimidate; inspires but isn’t un-relatable; educated but doesn’t confused and empowers but doesn’t overwhelm. Mostly, we really want to be a brand that is inclusive to all.

For too long we are told that if we don’t look like the person next to us then something must be wrong, that if we aren’t perfect then we aren’t right. But Hilary learnt a long time ago that there is no right. That if we stop trying to be perfect and just realise that its our uniqueness that differentiates us and its that difference that is the most beautiful!

We have been working on our rebrand for quite some time as we don’t believe in standing still and its beeN so natural for us to move in this direction of using the colour palette we work the most with- skin tone!

The most beautiful colour of all, so unique to each individual and a colour we love to showcase we want it to be our focus in our branding, just as much as it is in our makeups.

The website update was needed due to the recent influx of traffic from our brand spanking new online store and the inclusion of some things we have been wanting to do for a while, more How To’s and informative blog posts as well as more things we are working on to show you- coming soon!

We hope you enjoy our new direction as much as we love having it and we cant wait to show you all the things it includes!

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