Renee// Naturally: Wintery

July 20, 2017 8:46 am

There are lots of cons to Winter… cold, being cold, feeling cold… the list goes on! But the best bits are what we crave as summer ends- layers, scarves, snuggle time on the couch & feeling indulged.

And this warm, rich wintery look is wonderfully matched onto the equally warm and lovely Renee.

Passionate about beauty, she is known to have quite the skin care regime but does so as she knows what she has and nurtures it. Not at all a fan of fake tan we love that she rocks that stunning alabaster skin and does it so beautifully!

Name: Renee Kitchen
Age: 24
Occupation: Marketing

What makes you feel beautiful? (doesn’t have to be makeup!)

Exercising every day makes me feel beautiful. Also – funnily enough, not wearing make up and taking care of my skin makes me feel beautiful

How do you back your own beauty? Eg. Exercise, water, meditation, works on self confidence…

Exercise, water, good quality products and make up is essential also – and happiness ?

What’s one product in your makeup bag you cant live without?

I cannot live without the NARS tinted moisturiser – evens out skin tone and is a quick and easy one for an instant make up look

Why do use makeup?

I use make up because of the way it makes me feel. I look forward to putting on make up every day because of that feeling. it empowers me and gives me the confidence to go into my day with

If you have one piece advice to other women on how they can back their beauty what would it be?

Looking after your skin is SO important. I have been looking after my skin since I was young (thank you mum). ALWAYS wear an SPF, every single day. and hydrate yourself as much as possible – especially us office chicks, we need it ?

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