I know more than anyone the power of education, being heard and being understood!

When I started the Masterclass program 4 years ago there was nothing out there that supported the everyday women to educate them on their own faces and how to best show them off.

After 4 years of having such a successful in-salon program in both salons, it is so exciting to be able to introduce the HHM Online Masterclass program to the family. This was always in my plans, being from the country I found it incredibly hard to find the services and support in beauty and access to all the things I liked! So being able to provide the online program enables women who geographically can’t make it into the salons, women who might have social anxieties or those who just haven’t got the time to is something that means a lot to me.

I really hope that whatever you choose to do, either the in-salon experience or the online classes please know that we are here to support your learning style and individual approach to makeup.

Can’t wait for you to experience these programs and finally be supported to understand your face and how to best represent you through makeup.

The biggest of love, Hilary x

Enjoy a Hilary Holmes Masterclass from the comfort your own home!

Access to numerous video tutorials that are exclusive to members where you get to know your face & eye shape, skin tone and your own makeup style through tips and tricks supplied by Hilary.


$300 annually


$200 per purchase