July 5, 2016 3:37 am

With social media playing such a huge part of our visual world, we can access the work of so many creatives. Painters, poets, printers, makeup artists, hairstylists and so on.. And with this amazing accessibility we judge someone quickly on their skill and easily compare it to another.

I find this area interesting. Of course its natural for us to compare and judge based on our own opinions but we must understand more than just whats in front of us.

Ive been a makeup artist for close to 10 years and in that time my techniques have evolved, expanded and more importantly.. softened.

Learning makeup in London was interesting and fun! It was here, surrounded by different cultures that I learnt how to do very structured, dramatic makeup. Arabic women taught me bold eyeliners; the Jewish taught me how to prolong the wear of my makeups; the English taught me how to glam out makeup the “Kimmy K” way; the Indians & Bangladeshis taught me about bright colour combos and the Africans taught me about the use of texture and finishing on the skin.


When I came back to Melbourne, this type of work was still very much appreciated but I noticed quickly that aussie women love a natural makeup! So this then took me on the journey of learning to “undo” my makeups.

Have a look at any red carpet moments by celebs.. the makeup is pretty, soft and easy.

When I used to view the work of a famous makeup artist I would be surprised at the little makeup they put on, what seemed to be so untechnical and lacking skill. What I have come to know now though, is that a women is most beautiful when she is herself.. and if being herself means full coverage foundation, super contoured & highlighted with lots of lashes then Im all in, and I have the skills to take them there, but if a woman feels comfortable wearing minimal makeup- stepping back from the brush and making the quality of my makeup application spot on.. then sit down in my chair..

Im all yours.

xx H xx

The work shown here in by me :))

Second image: photo credit Ines Zele

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