A Note from Hilary

Makeup can mean so many things to so many different people and whilst initially it personally gave me the confidence I couldn’t find within myself when I was younger;
as time has gone on, I can see its impact on all the thousands of women I have been so incredibly grateful to have worked with.

Whether it’s a swipe of mascara, a dab of blush or a full face get up, I passionately believe that the woman wearing it should choose her own path with what she personally applies. Self expression and what feels right for her is so important. And I adore applying makeup and educating women in their own application to get them to a place of feeling 100% them and loving the face they’re in!

My makeup journey didn’t start out like most. I wasn’t that 4-year old girl that stole her mum’s makeup bag, instead you would find me knee deep in mud on our farm or jumping from the garage roof onto the trampoline with my siblings. My makeup journey started when I was in year 12 on the back of my horrible self-confidence.


After years and years of being bullied for being overweight and not fitting in, I turned to makeup. Firstly, as a way to help me feel to fit in but slowly I began to see it as the total opposite- as a way to stand out!

At the start, I would just put on a little bronzer but by the end of the year for my graduation I wore a bright pink eye look. It looked amazing! And even better – I felt amazing.


After a career in Science and not loving it, I moved to London where I pursued my passion for makeup where I worked for some of the world’s best makeup brands and built a wonderful private client portfolio.


A few years after moving home and having a great time building my freelance career, I launched my first salon Hilary Holmes Geelong and after 4 amazing years in that space I opened Hilary Holmes South Melbourne. In 2020 with the world changing dramatically I decided it was time to move away from the Geelong salon and focus on South Melbourne. Still freelancing in Geelong & looking forward to a wonderful season ahead, there is so much magic to come from us... just you wait to see what we are working on!


And through Hilary Holmes Makeup I can’t wait to provide all the incredible women out there with the opportunity to experience something that supports and nurtures them for exactly what they are – amazing, powerful creatures that deserve to feel beautiful in their own skin.


                              Hilary xx