August 21, 2017

Having had the pleasure of doing Nicole’s makeup for years, it’s been amazing to see her grow up and seeing her develop her strong sense of self, and figuring out that you don’t need to be anything other than yourself to achieve your goals! We talk frequently about the need for healthy & friendly industry relationships, being authentic and never believing that you are better than anyone or anything.

There isn’t one look that we always do on this stunner, having got one of the most symmetrical and beautiful faces we have ever worked on, our time hanging out and playing with makeup challenges us to always change it up & work on techniques!

This look below was a popular look we recently did for the All About Eve look book and so we thought we should recreate it just for you guys! Full product list below her interview!



What makes you feel beautiful? (doesn’t have to be makeup!)

I think I feel most beautiful when I am at my happiest. I begin to ooze confidence and have a ‘spring in my step’ & this makes me feel productive too, so that is when I feel beautiful.

How do you back your own beauty? Eg. Exercise, water, meditation, works
on self confidence…

I have found a routine that works really well for me and it’s all about balance. Exercise plays a big role for me because that is my release and it’s my happy place. I also love walking up the You Yangs because there’s a sense of freedom you feel once you get to the top and you can see how small our town is from up there so I always take some extra time to think of things that I need to let go of and leave it up there… it’s definitely a form of cleanse for mind body & soul.

Often at the end of a gym class they will incorporate meditation and again it’s so important to quiet the mind and focus on those breathing techniques and transport your mind somewhere else and just be able to take yourself away for a moment. I eat pretty well for the obvious reasons that I love how food makes my body FEEL. I need food to be able to fuel what I do everyday so I make sure what I am putting into my body is nourishing and beneficial… with the occasional dark chocolate & wine of course haha

What’s one product in your makeup bag you cant live without?

I don’t wear makeup everyday but one product that I use heaps & plays a huge role in my skincare routine is a Hydrating Mist Toner!

Why do use makeup?

I use makeup because I enjoy the progress of applying it and I guess having the choice to say ‘what mood am I in today’ or ‘what do I want to tell people today’ Makeup is so versatile and I love that it can accentuate your best features. It’s crazy what a simple red lip or sharp as f*** eyeliner can make you feel!!

If you have one piece advice to other women on how they can back their beauty what would it be?

Invest time in YOURSELF. I seriously believe that there are small things you can do everyday or even once a week that can really impact your whole vibe. Even if it’s sitting outside with a nice cuppa, seeing friends or enjoying the silence and do some meditation. Most of us spend our lives working for someone else but I say it’s time to work for you!

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